COVID -19 update.                    

March 2021. At the moment, we are offering deliveries to families and individuals who have been referred to us.  Our van drivers will wear masks and gloves. All items delivered will have been sanitised in our warehouse prior to delivery. The driver will ask whether anyone in the household has been unwell in the past two weeks or has received a positive Covid test.  

Some collections are also being made but easily sanitised items only. We are not able to collect fabric covered furniture but bedding will be accepted if washed and packaged. 

Thank you for helping to keep yourselves and our staff safe at this time. 

The aim of Group 5 is to provide furniture and household items, donated by the public, to help families and individuals in need. We collect, repair, refurbish and deliver to homes referred to us by various charitable and statutory agencies working in the field. This service is free of charge to the recipient and collections are also offered free of charge.

The office is open weekday mornings with an answerphone available at other times.